Lebanon Cemetery Covered Ceremony Shelter 2020-117

The City’s Master Plan for Lebanon Cemetery includes plans for a covered ceremony shelter structure near the center of the Cemetery. The shelter is meant as a covered area, out of the elements, for funeral & burial services to occur. The master plan for the cemetery can be found here. The City was approached in 2019 by an individual who was interested in donating funds toward the design and construction of the ceremonial structure. The City entered into an agreement with the individual in late 2019 and began planning/design work on the shelter. After rejecting the initial bids due to high cost, the City Council awarded the construction of the project to Met-Con Construction in March 2021. 

  A rendered depiction of the project is shown on the link found here. The project includes:

  • Construction of the covered shelter structure with a skylight in the center of a metal roof.
  • Sliding screen walls on the west and south sides of the structure to provide protection from the elements during a burial service.
  • Granite walls on the west and south sides which are meant to provide additional shelter from prevailing winds along with a “pocket” for the screen walls to tuck behind when they are in the open position.
  • Granite columns and two benches within the structure.
  • Construction of tree-lined concrete walkways from both the existing western and eastern drive aisles to the structure.
  • Two small ground level planting areas on each side of the main walkway to the structure.

Construction on the project is beginning in early May 2021 with final completion planned for late fall of 2021.