Deadly Tree Issues

The City actively inspects trees on both public and private property in an attempt to slow the spread of deadly tree diseases and invasive species. Trees found on private property will be marked with an orange spray painted ring and must be removed by the landowner. Trees found on public property will be marked with an orange spray painted dot and will be removed by the City.

Dutch Elm Disease:

Inspections take place in the middle to late summer months. Dutch Elm disease can be identified by a progressive change in leaf color ending with leaf wilt and drop. See our page on Dutch Elm Disease for more information.

Dutch Elm DiseaseDutch Elm Disease Gallery

Emerald Ash Borer:

Inspections take place in the winter months after leaves have dropped. Bare canopies allow for easier identification of the woodpecker feeding damage needed to positively identify an infestation. See our page on Emerald Ash Borer for more information.

Damage caused to ash tree bark from woodpeckers hunting for EABInsect Galleries Caused By Emerald Ash Borer Under Bark of an Ash Tree Found in Apple Valley

Oak Wilt:

Inspections take place in the late summer months. Oak Wilt can be identified by leaf wilt beginning at the top of the crown and working its way down. See our page on Oak Wilt for more information.

Oak wilt 2