Data Practice Requests

How to Make a Data Request Under the Data Practices Act

STEP 1: Complete the appropriate form below.

  1. Data Request Form for Members of the Public (use for all public data)
  2. Data Request Form for Law Enforcement Data for Members of the Public (use for all police data)
  3. Data Request Form for Data Subjects (use if data is about you and classified as private)
  4. Standards for Verifying Identity (for data subjects)

To learn more about accessing government data, see the Data Practices Policies below:
Data Practices Policy for Members of the Public
Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects

STEP 2: Submit the completed form to the appropriate City department by mail, email, fax, or in person. The mailing address for all contacts listed below is 7100 147th Street W., Apple Valley, MN 55124.

Building Inspection Property File Data
Sarah Bertram
Phone: (952) 953-2585 / Fax: (952) 953-2515

Community Development & Code Enforcement Data
Breanna Vincent
Phone: (952) 953-2575 / Fax: (952) 953-2515
Fire Department Data
Brian Kilmartin
Phone: (952) 953-2680 / Fax: (952) 953-2515
Human Resources Data
Melissa Haas
Phone: (952) 953-2548 / Fax: (952) 953-2515

Law Enforcement Data
Stephanie Mellesmoen
Phone: (952) 953-2712 / Fax: (952) 953-2733
Public Works Data
Wendy Davis
Phone: (952) 953-2402 / Fax: (952) 953-2515

Government Data
Charles Grawe
Phone: (952) 953-2508 / Fax: (952) 953-2515

How We Respond to a Data Request

Upon receiving your written request, we will work to process it as quickly as possible. If we do not have the data requested, or the data is not public, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible. Please note The Data Practices Act does not require the City to answer questions that are not requests for data.


For questions about data practices and compliance, please contact Pamela Gackstetter, City Clerk and Responsible Authority and Data Practices Compliance Official at, by phone at (952) 953-2506, or by fax (952) 953-2515.