Code Enforcement

  • Addresses questions and concerns our residents and local business owners have regarding city ordinance guidelines and possible violations of properties 
  • Listens to each report to determine whether it is an issue that requires an inspection and follow-up, dispatching to the appropriate city department; or if it is a civil issue to be handled outside of the confines of city government 
  • Offers advice on how to stay in compliance within the guidelines of the ordinances 
  • Promotes public awareness and actively addresses city code violations

Tips on Managing Trash and Recycling Containers
Attached at the following link is a powerpoint that explains trash container storage requirements and shares best practices for container storage.

  1. Help Code Enforcement work for you. Understanding the Code Enforcement Process!

    Code awareness and compliance promotes the health, safety, and appeal of our community. The code process in Apple Valley is complaint driven and relies assistance from the public. Here is how you can get in touch with us. Read on...
  2. Clearing your public sidewalks supports a safe, vibrant, and active community!

    Clearing snow and ice from public sidewalks and fire hydrants on your property is essential to the health, safety and welfare of the city, and can promote economic vitality within the city! Read on...
  3. Do you receive unsolicited distributions of Twin Cities Values and wish not to?

    Do you receive a distribution from the Star Tribune called “Twin Cities Values" or “Strib Express.” An opt-out option for this service is available for residents who wish not to receive this material. Read on...
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